So…what exactly is the DSFBA?

The Downtown Smiths Falls Business Association is a local Board of the municipality governed by the Municipal Act and incorporated by the Town of Smiths Falls. We work in partnership with the Town of Smiths Falls to oversee the wellbeing of a distinct business improvement area (BIA); in our case, Downtown Smiths Falls.

Why does the DSFBA exist?

The concept for designating special business improvement areas emerged in the late 1960s as a response to the development of shopping malls on the outskirts of city centers. Provincial legislation was created under the Municipal Act to establish a self-help program that empowered business communities to manage their own levy funds and promote their own main streets and downtown districts. Today, this model has been adopted globally with over 300 BIAs/DBAs in Ontario alone.

Recognizing that the downtown core required maintenance and promotion beyond that which the Town could provide, the DSFBA was established by the Town of Smiths Falls in accordance with the Municipal Act in 1982.

What does the DSFBA do?

The DSFBA provides the funding and personnel needed to advance a vibrant and resilient business district and actively enhance the quality of life in our local community through a commitment to maintain and promote the downtown core.

Our work focuses on five major pillars:

  1. Plan and administer activities for the marketing and promotion of the DSFBA as an attractive business and shopping area.
  2. Plan and collaborate with the Town of Smiths Falls and other partners for the maintenance and attractive appearance of the Downtown core.
  3. Engage in strategic planning to address DSFBA concerns and opportunities.
  4. Advocate on behalf of the interests of the DSFBA membership.
  5. Manage effectively the funds of the levy that are collected by the Town of Smiths Falls for the purpose of funding DSFBA activities.

How do I become a member of the DSFBA?

Membership in the DSFBA is based on geographic boundaries established through By-Law by the Town of Smiths Falls. All commercial properties within this specified boundary are automatically members in the DSFBA. Boundary Map

Associate Membership is offered to those beyond the DSFBA Boundary who wish to be included in DSFBA communications, promotions and select programming. To learn more about Associate Membership, review the Application or contact the DSFBA Coordinator at!

What does my DSFBA membership cost?

If your business is located within our boundary, there is no fixed cost to your membership. The DSFBA is funded through a special levy determined by the DSFBA Board of Directors and approved by Town of Smiths Falls Council. The levy is collected annually by the Town of Smiths Falls through a tax on commercial property owners located within the DSFBA boundary. The amount each commercial property owner pays varies based on their individual Municipal Property Assessment. Levy Expanded

Who manages the DSFBA?

The DSFBA is primarily managed by a Board of Directors, volunteer business owners and operators within the DSFBA boundary, appointed by Town Council. Together with the DSFBA Coordinator, these passionate business community representatives act on behalf of the collective good of Downtown Smiths Falls.

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