Wondering what we get up to in our meetings?

We Brainstorm

Directed by our Chair, our meetings provide an opportunity for the Coordinator to update the Board on DSFBA related news and projects. Valuing input from each of our Board Members, we work together to reach our goals.

We use Robert’s Rules

Subject to our Terms of Reference, the procedure used at all DSFBA meetings is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order; a manual of parliamentary procedure often used by professional organizations and local governments.

We Keep Records

Minutes, maintained by the Coordinator, are used as a way of keeping a record of motions and resolutions made during Board meetings. Minutes provide documentation of what was decided, not opinions expressed.

Our Agendas and Minutes are public record – take a peek!

Before officially becoming public record, agendas and minutes must be approved by the Board at the monthly meeting through a motion.

We’re open to suggestion! Submit an agenda item for Board consideration using the form below.