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We are a local business that has been serving the Smiths Falls area for over 25 years. We specialize in the following areas: Piercing, Tattooing, Hydroponics, Seeds, Smoking Accessories, Motorcycle parts, and adult novelty items. We’ll give you a quick breakdown of how we service each of these categories.

Piercings & Tattoos:
Mike DuHamel, the owner, has over a decade of body piercing experience, and has taken classes certifying his confidence in applying Microdermal implants.
Natalie Bouchard brings over 14 years of tattooing and piecing experience to the table, and is one of the most talented artists in the area. Examples of her work can be found in the photo section of the Iron Legends Facebook Page.

We have a fully stocked hydroponic section in our store, supplying well known brands such as: General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients, and Canna products, among many others. Our knowledgeable staff have the know how to help you with any questions or issues that may arise during growing. We try to treat our patrons more like clients than customers, and want to see everyone successful.

We have one of the widest selections of seeds in the area, at rock bottom prices. With 21 different breeder varieties available. If we can’t get it in for you, no one can…

Smoking Accessories:
We offer our clients a wide range of smoking accessories including: Vaporizers, handheld pipes, bongs, and a huge selection of papers. Unlike other head shops, we don’t keep our bongs behind glass or counters, we have an entire wall where you can step up and handle any bong you like.

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories:
The core of Iron Legends business, we started out selling aftermarket motorcycle parts, and we will never get out of it. Aftermarket parts for a huge range of makes and models. We also carry all the biker essentials: Patches, helmets, leathers, etc. The store is huge..

Adult Novelty Items:
Known as Grunts n’ Giggles from the outside, this is Smiths Falls only sex shop in town. You can get anything and everything, from bachelorette party toys, to lingerie, to lubricants and toys. You’ve gotta check this out…

Contact Information
Contact Information
28 Beckwith Street North, Smiths Falls, Ontario K7A 2B3