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Heather’s Studio offers opportunities to be creative and learn art techniques. A variety of art classes are available for all ages and abilities. As you look through this page you will see many photos of artists that come to the studio for classes and workshops and some of my art work.
Heather Griffith is the entrepreneur behind the studio. Since May 2011 the studio has been growing and changing to meet the needs of the individuals who love creating art in the Smiths Falls area.
Art Supplies: The studio has an inventory of paints, canvases, brushes, drawing books and mixed media supplies for sale. You are welcome to message me or drop by to see what the studio has in stock.
Art Gallery: The walls of the studio are used as a gallery for my own art work. I have been studying different styles of art for over 40 years. When you visit the studio you will see watercolours, acrylic paintings, mixed media and drawings.
Adults and Youth Studio Classes: you bring your photos and ideas of paintings you want to create. I help you figure out how to make these pieces of art come together.
Adult and Youth Workshops: I’ll design a painting or demonstrate a technique or medium and we all work through the process of creating your own. It is also a wonderful process to see what everyone creates.
Youth Classes 6 to 13 years: These classes are designed to explore their artistic abilities. They are always fun classes. We work on skills, such as, drawing, colour mixing, how to set up a painting, what brush to use etc. Sometimes the art projects are planned, sometimes they choose their own subject.
Special Needs Classes: Classes are offered for a small group or private lessons. These classes have the same content as the other classes. The only difference is that more care is given to individual needs.
Heather Studio