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11 Chambers St, Smiths Falls, ON, Canada

The Ottawa Valley’s premier outdoor fun retailer. Whether it’s bikes, skis or boards, we’ll set you up and keep you going.

39 Chambers St, Smiths Falls, ON, Canada

Our programs are designed to engage & maximize an individual’s physical, mental, emotional, moral and intellectual strengths. Based on a hybrid of fitness & health practices from both ancient eastern philosophies and modern western training, Zendragon provides an incredible regime for all ages and skill levels. Our bias free environment welcomes all comers to participate in our challenging, safe and empowering classes.

Our classes boast a wide diversity of training methods derived and inspired by dynamic military style calisthenics  power/strength conditioning, high intensity interval circuits, cross training, plyometrics, yoga, pilates, body weight exercises, tai chi, kung-fu, kickboxing and a myriad of others.

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