Board of Management

Smiths Falls Downtown Business Association Board of Management

The Board of Management is the governing body of the SFDBA. The volunteer Board of Management is elected from its members and works on behalf of its members.

Our Board of Directors (made up of volunteers from the business community) is the decision making body of the organization. The Board meets regularly to oversee policies, financial decisions, and general management. The Board’s powers and responsibilities include: selecting the Executive, reviewing committees, hiring staff, establishing organizational polices, and initiating and assessing programs and projects. The DBA Board of Management establishes a budget every year which is approved by the DBA membership at their annual general meeting in November and then submitted to Town Council. A mil rate is calculated by the Treasury Department of the Town of Smiths Falls to realize that budget figure. The mil rate is applied to the realty value of the business property and then only varies by the size of the annual budget. The money is collected through property taxes and allocated to the Board of Management of the DBA.

Any commerical property owners paying the DBA levy and their business tenants within the SFDBA boundries has the opportunity to apply for Board Directorship.

The Board of Management consisting of minimum five (5) to maximum twelve (12 members (sometimes called the “Board”) which members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and officially appointed by Town Council and shall be determined as follows: eleven (11) of such members are to be nominated and selected by the Members during a nomination and election period coinciding with the municipal election period and appointed by the Town; and one (1) of such Members shall be Smiths Falls Town Councilors and shall be appointed directly by the Corporation of the Town of Smiths Falls to serve on the Board of Management.

The term of the directors of a board of management is the same as the term of the council that appointed them (4 years), but continues until their successors are appointed.  Directors are eligible for re-appointment.